Business Start-Up Certification Program (BSC)

Everything you need to start and grow a profitable business. From business planning, skill acquisition, raising capital, profitable business ideas & lots more

The BSC program is a POWERFUL, ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME entrepreneurship program that will totally transform your life, and prepare you for success in the world of entrepreneurship!

If you have been struggling to start a business or grow an existing business, then you have just landed in the right place.

This is the ultimate mini MBA program! and after going through this program, your life will NEVER be the same! You will be able to start any business or increase your current business 10 times to 1000 times!

This program will take you from the very first step in starting a business, and guide you through all the advanced steps necessary to run your business, as well as provide you with all the powerful resources and support that you need to make your dreams come through.

This is a program that has changed the life of thousands of young people all over Africa, so don't just take our word for it, read and listen to hundreds of young people who have gone through this program in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and all across the continent.


I live in USA now! Thank You Millionaires Academy


Business Training

Provide the most practical MBA-style, comprehensive business training that will cover everything you need to start and run any business.

Skill Acquisition

Train, equip and expose you to hundreds of lucrative businesses in different sectors of the economy like Agriculture, Agro-processeing, Online business, Manufacturing, ICT, Industrial production, Food Industry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Toiletries, Chemical Industry, Service Industry, home-based businesses and lots more. See details below.

Start-Up Finance

Help you overcome the challenge of start-up capital, and assist 100 small entrepreneur each year to become millionaires by

A) Exposing you to many local and international sources of SME finance, grants and loans

B) Equip you with proper training on financial planning and SME financing

C) Providing soft loans for members with eligible business plans.


1. Comprehensive Small Business Management Certification Masterclass

You will undergo a world standard online entrepreneurship course which is very essential if you have never undergone a formal business school.

With comprehensive video tutorials, interactive webinars and training manuals. You will learn everything about building a successful business, generating good business ideas, preparing a business plan, marketing plan, branding, accounting etc., skills that will enable you to successfully launch and grow any business you have interest in. (Please see course curriculum below)

2. SME Financing

Financing, both for startups and existing business, is one of the critical problems crippling most young entrepreneurs in Africa, due to unfavorable bank charges and issues with collateral.

We expose our members to the world of business financing. In this program, you will master financial planning and learn how to get SME financing from both local and international organizations, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from our small business zero-interest loan starting from N100,000 to N1Million. (Good repayment history qualifies you for higher amounts)

3. Access To The Millionaires Package

A secret set of manuals that will totally transform your life. These are manuals and books found in the library of world leaders, top performers and business gurus . Just go through the list of manuals later in this page for an idea of what you will get. Once you have these manuals in your hands, your life will never remain the same. (See below for more details)

4. Continuous Mentorship

You will benefit from our many years experience in starting several multi-million businesses in different industries and avoid common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, thus saving yourself lots of money and time.

We know that continuous mentorship is a key factor to success, so we provide a platform to continue impacting our extensive business knowledge to all our members for a lifetime!

Once a member of Macademy, you will join this elite platform and get access to lifetime business guidance.

Mentorship is one of the quickest way to be successful, and this is another challenge for young entrepreneurs, which we are solving today.

5. Expand Your Business

If you already have a business, you will also learn how to streamline your business management, eliminate stress and worry, grow and expand your business, access capital and increase profit.

6. Business Networking

You will also have the benefit of learning from the experiences of over 3000 students who went through this course and from hundreds of small businesses we consult for.

Millionaires Academy is bringing together, the largest network of young entrepreneurs in Africa. This will provide you with the powerful opportunity of making strong connections, market access for your product/services, joint ventures and mutual partnerships that will give your business great leverage and competitive advantage.

7. Professional Certification in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

At the end of this program, you will undergo a rigorous certification exercise, that qualifies you for our coveted ESB professional certification which authenticates your proficiency in Small business management and Entrepreneurship.

Lots of our alumni members have used this certificate to secure more lucrative job positions or apply for entrepreneurial support and funding for their own business. It will be a very wise move to acquire this certificate to upgrade your CV and open new doors for your career.

Plus lots more...

WHO THIS PROGRAM IS FOR (Eligibility Requirements)

This program is perfect for you, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur thinking of starting a business, or an entrepreneur in the early stages of your business or if you will be managing an Small/Medium business.

Before applying, Please check below to make sure you are eligible

  • Age Limit: 18 years minimum to 45 years maximum
  • Academic Qualification: O'level or its equivalent
  • Gender: Both Male and Female are eligible to apply

Over 100 Lectures covering every vital lesson in Entrepreneurship !

Hundreds of testimonials are flooding our mails every month from grateful students, whose life or business has been transformed through this program. Register below now, and start your own journey to entrepreneurial success.

See more member's testimonials after the course details below


(Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management)

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Agri-Preneur
Available in days
days after you enroll
  RIce Farming
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Grasscutter farming
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Cassava Farming
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Low Cost Farming
Available in days
days after you enroll
  ICT and Online Business
Available in days
days after you enroll

Click on drop down arrow above for more courses in Part 1 of the course curriculum.



1. Comprehensive Poultry Farming, Management and Disease Control

2. Complete Catfish Farming From Fingerlings to Sales

3. Modular Snail Farming

4. High Yield Vegetable Farming

5. Profitable Piggery

6. Dairy Farming

7. Rice Farming

8. Cassava Farming

9. Modern Mushroom Farming

10. Profitable Grasscutter Farming and Management

11. Potato Farming

12. Quail Farming

13. Lucrative Herbs and Spice Production


14. Setting Up a Multi-Million Palm Kernel Oil Production Plant (PKO)

15. Mini-Sugar Production

16. Potato Flour Production

17. Vegetable Oil Production

18. Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Production Plant (CNSL)

19. Fruit Juice Production

20. Tomato Paste Production

21. Essential Oil Production and Exportation

22. Chocolate Manufacturing

23. High Quality Wine Production with Local Materials

24. Biscuit Making

25. Yoghurt Production

26. Custard Production


27. Soap Making

28. Industrial Starch Production

29. Powder Insecticide Production

30. Mini-Fertilizer Production


31. Engine Oil Production

32. PVC Pipe Production

33. Nylon Bag Production


34. Complete Affiliate Marketing Training

35. Content Marketing

36. Complete Mini-Importation Course From Sourcing to Shipping and marketing

37. Home-based Online Business

38. Forex Trading

39. Blogging


40. Waste-to-Wealth Industry

From N5000 to Millionaire in less than 2 Years!



Pay Online


To pay by Bank Transfer or deposit, pay only to our corporate account:

Access Bank, Millionaires Academy, 0725887119

After Payment,

Send your name (the name you use to make payment), email address to 08130074823 (Add +234 for international participants). Please send in this format; "JOIN MILLIONAIRES ACADEMY BSC PROGRAM" "my name, my email address" to 08130074823. Please make sure you have paid before sending this SMS message. (e.g Join Millionaires Academy BSC Program, [email protected], Joseph Lukman )


This is the first package you will receive immediately after registration, before starting the BSC course.

The contents of this package are extremely powerful and most are very confidential. Few people in the planet have access to some of the materials you will be receiving. This package alone can make you a millionaire in the next 12 months and we have many testimonies just on the impact of the Millionaires Package alone.

For Example, this is a mail from one of our 2017 alumni student. He included his company CAC number below for verification.

"Hello sir, My name is Sabiu Sakiru. I registered with you a year ago but I could not be able to go through the program because I did not have a good phone or laptop then. But I was able to download and read the manual.

When I finished reading one of the manual sent to me in the millionaire package, I was so touched that I decided to follow the instructions in the book.

So I listed 10 things to achieve before July 2018. To the glory of God, since July 2017 till today I have achieve all the 10 things I listed, even more than the 10 !

As I'm talking now, I'm Founder and CEO of my company, Sifos Interbiz Management Company with the BN: 2616858, a soccer management consult and I'm happy to have target my self through the story books you send to me after I paid 5000..."
Sabiu Sakiru

Take a look at the contents of the Millionaire Package

and see some samples below


This is a confidential research sponsored by the CBN, that listed 101 highly lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria today. It analyses all profitable small, medium and large businesses in Nigeria.

Nigerian top billionaires and many multi-millionaires, all know the contents of this manual and are investing heavily in the hidden sectors shown in this manual.

“The secret of business is to know something that no one else knows” Aristotle Onassis

The document is very detailed and contains a breakdown of not only the business, but also

  • Start-up capital required
  • Location where it will do best
  • The equipment and where to get them
  • The manpower required
  • The detailed processes involved in the business
  • Financial analysis detailing the operating income and expense analysis and other financial details, by those already in the business.

The contents of this manual will blow your mind!

If more Nigerians have this information, Nigeria will soon be as industrialized as China.

Note that Millionaires Academy has exclusive copyright to this manual, you cannot find it anywhere else and you are not permitted to sell or share it electronically or otherwise.

Please do not register is you cannot abide by this rule!

Here are a few snapshots of the contents of the documents:

This manual details 101 other lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

Pls Note that this manual will soon be removed from the public domain. Register now, to get your copy today, before it is withdrawn fro the last time.

The content is simply priceless and you will not find it anywhere else.


Capital is the blood of any business and without capital, you may not be able to implement your bright ideas.

This manual will show you 50 organizations that are willing to sponsor your business.

You will also get all their contacts, and you will learn how to apply and get accepted.

Examples are Tony Elumelu Foundation, through which Tony Elumelu is disbursing $100 million dollars to young entrepreneurs.

Others include Acumen Fund, AWDF, Rockefeller Foundation, etc.

See video after this section for more details and snapshots of other 50 organizations


With our experience and contacts in the exportation industry, We are giving you this comprehensive list of 30 items you can start exporting with less than N100,000, and still make millions. This is a business we are passionate about, because of the incredible potential in it.

Crude oil has distracted us from abundant export commodities in Nigeria, like simple sheabutter, food items, essential oils, hibiscus, Cashew nuts etc

This manual will not just show you all the lucrative export commodities, but also guide you on how to start your own export business, plus all the necessary documentations.

If you have any interest in earning foreign income through export of locally abundant resources, make sure to get this manual in the Millionaires Package by registering now.


Not all business requires startup capital.

This comprehensive manual is a collection of 40 additional businesses you can start today, even if you have zero Naira in your account.

And with the secrets revealed in each of them, you can make millions in any one of them within the next 12 months.


This is arguable the most powerful manual on the subject of wealth, and was written by Napoleon Hill in 1925.

The world Richest man at the time, Andrew Carnegie, gave young Napoleon Hill the task of interviewing him and his rich friends (which included most of the richest men of the world at that time), with the aim of distilling the secrets to their success.

After many years of painstaking work, during which Napoleon Hill monitored all the activities of the super rich using access granted him by Billionaire Andrew Carnegie, He was able to discover all the common principles of the super rich.

So in 1925, he put down all his huge discoveries in a set of 15 separate book which he called the laws of success in 16 lessons.

Unfortunately, out of respect for the billionaires who controlled the world economy at the time, he printed only 118 copies of this powerful book, and gave it to the same billionaires he interviewed and monitored.

The principles were so powerful, that the billionaires became alarmed that their secrets of wealth building will be exposed to the masses, thus they ordered Napoleon Hill not to release the book publicly.

In it's place, Napoleon Hill wrote a second watered down version of his work "THINK AND GROW RICH" which still went ahead to become the greatest book on wealth building, and became instrumental in building thousands of billionaires, world leaders, and heads of corporations, despite its lower content.

THE ORIGINAL LAWS OF SUCCESS remained unpublished for many years to come.

When it was later released, not many people took note of it, but the few that have access to this life changing book understands that it is 10 times more powerful than other works of Napoleon Hill.

It is one book that you will find in the library of almost all world billionaires and leaders today.

We bring this powerful book today as a bonus to all members of the Millionaires Academy.


This little e-book, is one of my personal favorite. Again, this is one little book that almost all billionaires admits to have read at one point or the other in their life. From Billionaire Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates.

The secrets in this book will simply blow your mind.

After reading this book, you will finally understand the principles of wealth.


This book could be worth a MILLION DOLLARS to you (Check the cover. That statement is very true). It will be hard to find a highly successful man, who hasn't read this book. It is an open secret given to the world by the great Napoleon Hill. A simplified version of the laws of success

It has created uncountable millionaires, many billionaires, and several presidents. Yet in our Africa, millions of youths are not applying it's deep principles. It is a classic that you must read over and over again, and memorize it if you want to be massively wealthy.


The secrets in this little book will simply blow your mind. After reading this book, you will finally understand the principles of wealth. Millionaires Academy insists that all members must complete this little book before the end of the program

Once you are exposed to this level of wisdom, you can never remain the same ever again!


Successful businesses are well planned and well capitalized.
Being well capitalized means having the ability to access capital when your business needs it.
Being well planned is the first step towards being well capitalized.
What this book will do for you
The objectives of this book are to help you
•Analyze your market, the competition, and your financials,
•Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and strategies,
•Establish how much money you will need and when,
•Determine the type of capital you will most likely qualify for,
•Define what information you need to present to Lenders or Investors,
•Package your request for your best chance of success,
•Establish the format and flow of your presentation,
•Direct you to the Funding Sources that offer exactly what you need


If there was ever a sure manual for personal greatness, this is it. If you truly desire personal greatness and personal power in life, kindly go through this manual. It is another must-have, in the library of great men and women.


Course fee

N192,000 ONLY

You can register in several ways.

(1). Pay directly online (For Local and International Participants).

Our online payment gateway is highly Secured and supported by all commercial banks and can accept most payment cards.

Pay in Online

After Payment,

Send your name (the name you use to make payment) and email address to 08130074823 (Add +234 for international participants). Please send in this format; "JOIN MILLIONAIRES ACADEMY BSC PROGRAM" "my name, my email address" to 08130074823. Please make sure you have paid before sending this SMS message. (e.g Join Millionaires Academy BSC Program, [email protected], Joseph Lukman )

I made N1.9Million and Also Bought a Car, all within 7 Months!

We Are Giving a 100% Twelve Months Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee! This Means That 12 Months From Now, If There Is No Change In Your Financial Status And You Feel That You Have Not Gained From This Program, You Will Have A Full Refund Of Your Registration Fee !

Your registration for the BSC program covers:

  • Business Start-up Intensive MBA-style online course. (See course outline above)
  • Certificate of proficiency in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (ESB)
  • Full access to the Millionaires Package
  • Soft loans from N100,000 to N1Million
  • Global Exposure & Overseas Travel Opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Networking with thousands of Young Entrepreneurs
  • Lifetime Membership of the Macademy support platform


1. " In 2014, I was looking for job when I encountered Millionaires Academy. When I joined the Academy, among the many life changing materials I received was a manual on 101 businesses in Nigeria from CBN. From the guidelines in that manual, I invested N235,000 in starting my agro feed processing company, which I started on the 11th August 2014. Within one year, I had a revenue of N2,456,000. By June 2016, I had a combined revenue of N42,827,300 for just the first half of the year. I have gone from a job-seeker, to employing a staff of 23 young men and women full time. The N10,000 I paid to join Millionaires Academy was the best investment in my life, and it has changed my destiny forever ! I am eternally grateful to God for leading me to Millionaires Academy and thank you Engineer for the powerful work you and your team are doing ! "

James Pedro (Port Harcourt)

2. One of the training I received from Millionaires Academy was a course on Rejection therapy. After this course, I was able to acquire 10 Acres of farm land the same week ! Millionaires Academy is a life changer !

Thanks !

David (Lokoja)

3. My mentor taught me everything I knew about business. They also helped me to secure the soft loan that I used to open my shop in Ikeja. By God's grace, I have finally paid off the loan and this year my fabric business is now turning over 6 figures.

Princess Funmi (Lagos)

4. Since I discovered Millionaires Academy, Job hunting is over for life ! Which company can pay me up to $1500 dollars every month? I doubted before, but now am speechless. Thank you !

Muhammad Nasiru (Kano)

5. " In 2007, I got the millionaire manual that changed my life forever. That year, I used the little money I have, to go into jewelries, and traveled to Ghana. Today, my business is based in South Africa, and I earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in my Jewelry business. My life is a dream come true !"

Uche Nwangwu (South Africa)

6."Thank you for sending me the manuals as you promised. Even though I have not gone through all the manuals, I am overwhelmed at the amount of information. Honestly, from what I am now seeing, I believe that I will make my millions before the 12 months. In fact, my problem now is choice. The lucrative businesses listed in your manual are so many and so detailed. I am impressed by your sincerity. Looking forward to the commencement of the course. Thank you."

Ajibola Williams (Lagos)

Lagos Office: No 33 Abeokuta Street, Anifowoshe, Ikeja

Telephone: +2348130074823

Email: [email protected]

Your Instructor

Millionaires Academy
Millionaires Academy

Millionaires Academy is a youth empowerment and entrepreneurship platform designed to equip you with profitable skills to enable you start and build the business of your dreams.

We have a proven track record over the years, of helping young people build solid, profitable businesses in different sectors, ranging from ICT to Industrial processing and Agriculture.

So far, we have helped to create over 300 new businesses in Nigeria alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The BSC program is currently open, you will start as soon as you register. It is a completely self-paced online course and should take approximately 3 months to complete
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Will I pay another tuition fee after paying the registration fee ?
No. Your registration fee gives you access to over 100 comprehensive courses plus the Millionaires Package and all other benefits of membership
Will the Academy award certificate after the program ?
Can I Join the Program From Anywhere ?
Yes, the program is online, so you can join from anywhere. You are not required to come to the office or any other physical location to take part in the program. We currently have members from all states in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Liberia, Egypt, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Philippines, Port Novo, and many other countries.
Will I understand the course ?
If you understand simple English, you should be able to follow up. We are here to teach business and Money making, not grammar. So whether you are a young student or a doctor, we all have a common purpose and everyone will be carried along.
What is the next thing after making my payment ?
Once you make your payment, create an account and wait for 24 hrs. You can also send your name and email to 08130074823. Your account will be activated within 24 hours. You will also receive the Millionaires Package in your email and all instructions, so you can commence immediately with the program on this portal.


All testimonials displayed in this page are accurate and most can still be found on our facebook page. However. I cannot guarantee your success or that you will get the kind of results shown here. I and my associates are seasoned and highly experienced entrepreneurs, thus your results may not be typical.

Results may also vary based on your business,your economic climate, market environment, and your ability to implement the suggested strategies.

What I will guarantee is that if at the end of this course, you are not satisfied, you will get 100% of your money back, no hassles.