Be a Virtual Assistant in 60 Days

60 Day Step-by-step programme to be a Virtual Assistant starting from scratch. Work from anywhere, travel the world & finally live the life of your dreams

Who is A Virtual Assistant?

Learn All About The Virtual Assistant Industry Here

If you have landed on this page, then I will ask you to be patient and go through it carefully in a few minutes, because you are about to discover an amazing opportunity that may well change your entire life forever!

We have been preparing this programme for almost a year now due to the challenges involved particularly for Nigerians doing online business.

Thank God finally we have all the solutions and thus we are ready to share this amazing opportunity with young people all over Nigeria.

But before we continue, let me quickly introduce this organization to you. It is important you learn about us, so you know exactly how we operate.

Millionaires Academy was officially launched on 3rd Dec 2016 with the single aim of empowering African youths with entrepreneurship spirit through comprehensive training and exposure to the business world.

In just the past 3 years, we have trained well over 3000 entrepreneurs, out of which about 300 have gone on to establish their very first business!

Seeing is believing, so please watch the short introduction Video below to see exactly what we have achieved so far, and what we are doing now.

Kindly watch this video to the end, or you may miss some important information about the Academy and about this particular 60-day VA Programme.

Learn About MAcademy And How We Operate

What You Will Learn In This Section

1. Who is a Virtual Assistant?

2. Why are companies now hiring Virtual Assistants?

3. Virtual Assistant industry in the Philippines.

4. Virtual Assistant industry in Nigeria and why the industry is not well developed in the country

1. Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual assistant is a self-employed, independent contractor who provides services for companies usually from his or her home.

Virtual Assistants do a very wide range of jobs including:

  • Administrative tasks
  • call handling
  • Email handling
  • Social media management
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer care
  • Graphic designing
  • Web management
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting

and a hundred other activities, some very simple like data entry and some complex, like coding, and they do all these right from the comfort of their home.

So this simply means that anyone can be a virtual assistant, all you need is to acquire skills and get clients you can offer your skills anywhere in the world.

These are the core value of our Virtual Assistant in 60 days program – Equipping you with much needed skills, and then connecting you to clients both locally and internationally.

2. Why are Companies now hiring Virtual Assistants?

  • Companies don’t have to pay the mounting cost of maintaining permanent staffs, along with all the rigorous labor laws.

This is more common with US companies, Europe and Australia that has very strict labor laws.

Even multi-national companies in Nigeria like MTN, also use Virtual office assistants to handle the huge amount of inbound customer calls and other mundane tasks.

  • The second reason, is that companies can employ hard to find talents from anywhere in the world.

For example in the Emcorp Group (parent company of Millionaires Academy), we maintain the services of 5 Filipino Virtual Assistants, simply because we cannot find people locally, who can provide us with the kind of services we get from our Filipino VA’s and even if we manage the get such talent, the cost will be too high.

  • Using Virtual Assistants allow companies to focus on their core operations while outsourcing other mundane tasks, thereby increasing their overall efficiency and freeing up more time for critical issues.

  • Since Virtual assistants charge per hour, companies only pay for what they need and only when they need it, again saving huge labor costs.

3. Virtual Assistant Industry in the Philippines

The impact of the Virtual Assistant industry in the Philippines is what gave us the inspiration to import this industry into Nigeria.

The serious impact it had on Philippines was the reason why I personally believed that this industry is capable of greatly reducing the massive unemployment in Nigeria while at the same time bringing in billions of dollars into the country thus catapulting young people from poverty to wealth, which is in line with the core vision of The Millionaires Academy.

The Virtual Assistant industry in the Philippines started slowly in 1992, when Mr Frank Holz opened the first call centre.

The only service he offered then, was to handle customer calls for companies.

With his success, more and more people and BPO companies joined the business,

and today 1 million Filipinos are working as Virtual Assistants and in BPO industry!

Imagine if we can replicate this in Nigeria!

In fact in 2018, the industry was responsible for bringing in a whopping $24billion to the Philippines, which represents 17% of the country’s GDP!

The average income of a Filipino VA, is $600/month for low level beginners, and $5000/month and higher for more experienced VA’s.

4. Virtual Assistant Industry in Nigeria and why the industry is not well developed in the country.

Before I explain why the Virtual Assistant industry is not well developed in Nigeria, let me first let you know that many smart young Nigerians are already making money as Virtual Assistants.

Here are some snapshots from a Virtual Assistant Job listing platform..

So it is not as if this is a totally new field in Nigeria.

All these smart young people are Nigerians working as Virtual Assistants but rendering different services.

Please note that the amount earned is not quoted by them, but automatically calculated by the online job listing platform they belong to.

So Beatrice that earned $10,000 means she has made well over N3.6M (minus a little commission which the online listing platform will collect).

I think this is a decent income although you will later see the kind of income Filipinos and other assistants make.

All these information are in the public domain and you can google it yourself to confirm every information we give here.

However, though some smart young people are already enjoying this lifestyle, the vast majority of young Nigerians who could make money as Virtual Assistants do not have any access to the industry.

Philippines has a total population of 105 million and 1 million of them are working in this industry.

In comparison, Nigeria has a population of close to 200 million, but according to the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, only about 50,000 Nigerians are earning full time income in both theVirtual Assistant and BPO Industry.

It is interesting to note that in the Philippines and India (top VA and BPO industry in the world), they have to first learn English before they can work as Virtual Assistants (because English is not their official language and you can barely hear what most are them are saying in English),

Yet English is the official language in Nigeria, and an average Nigerian can speak much better than an Indian or a Filipino.

So why are Nigerians not heavily into this lucrative and highly rewarding industry?

Well there are several reasons for this:

Low awareness:

No one is promoting the industry in Nigeria like Frank Holz did in the Philippines.

Lack of Adequate Knowledge and direction:

Many Nigerian youths do not have the international skills required, and our education system is very outdated.

In Philipinnes for instance, they actually have courses in their university that teach the Virtual Assistance and BPO industry, in addition to other professional certification courses.

The Philippines’ government recognizes the huge importance of business outsourcing to their nation’s economy (A sector that brings 17% of your nations GDP cannot be taken lightly).

Comprehensive online courses that actually equip you with VA skills, are very expensive and the cheap ones will not give you any core skill (they assume you already have the basic skills).

Again no comprehensive course is tailored for Nigerians, which makes it hard for Nigerians to actually excel in this field except those who already have advanced skills.

This is one of the major challenge the Millionaires Academy Virtual Assistant programme will be addressing for the average Nigerian.

Infrastructural limitations:

Nigeria also has infrastructural problems.

For instance, A virtual assistant needs constant power and reliable internet.

This is a systemic failure that will deny people especially those in more remote locations in Nigeria from accessing this industry.

These are some of the extra challenges we face in Nigeria, and our programme will give some unique solutions to some of these infrastructural problems and how to overcome them,

but let me quickly say that if infrastructures in Nigeria are developed, a lot more people will benefit from this, with less personal cost

Poor reputation:

Nigeria has a very poor reputation in the online world due to rampant internet scams originating from Nigeria.

This has led to Nigeria been denied access to many critical online tools.

For example, a Nigerian will go through a lot of hassle to get paid for his services online with paypal, the most globally accepted means of payment.

There are also so many other restrictions placed on Nigerian Netizens and the general bias against genuine Nigerian online service providers.

We can do nothing about this general perception, however many services today are paid through escrow account, meaning that a foreign client do not have to trust you, in order to do business with you, since the money they pay to you will only be released by online job platforms when you complete the task.

Our Program is thus designed specifically for the Nigerian Virtual Assistant.

Okay, I hope now you have a better understanding of the Virtual Assistant Industry.

Owing to the major challenges faced by online businesses in Nigeria, it was initially hard to design a comprehensive program of this magnitude, that will actually give participants all the skills and resources they need to enter the Virtual Assistant industry and start earning in dollars like our counterparts in other countries.

Another major challenge is that developing a real practical and comprehensive program like this, is quite costly and time consuming, especially if you wish to work with experts in the industry both in developing the resources, providing support after the program and even developing the training materials, which can be extremely complicated!

So this is why I am super excited that finally, we have developed the most comprehensive down-to-earth Virtual Assistant program in Africa, set to transform the life of thousands of youths across Nigeria and Africa at large!

Let us now study the programme breakdown below


The programme is broken into two major parts.

Part 1 is all about acquiring the required skills, and will take 30 days, while Part 2 is another 30-day step-by-step daily program, where we will guide you to build your business from beginning until you get your first paying client before the end of the 30 days set-up process.


Section 1: Introduction

The program will kick off with the introductory section where you will learn about the course and what is expected of you.

It is made up 5 short modules that will give you a very good foundation for learning all about the Virtual Assistant Business.

You will also understand why almost anybody can be a Virtual Assistant, since there are hundreds of services one can offer, ranging from very simple skills to complex skills.

Section 2: Requirements

This section is made up of 4 modules that will explain all the requirements for the course.

These will include physical things that you need, as well as software, and it will guide you on how to acquire these tools.

Section 3: Virtual Assistant Services

In this section, you will now see all the diverse services you can render as a Virtual Assistant. By the end of this session, you would have narrowed down the kind of service you will render, which you will now focus on in section 4.

Section 4: Virtual Assistant Skill Development

This is the core of the first part of this program. It contains the most training materials, because here is where you actually learn skills what you will be offering as services by the end of the program. Each of these services can earn you anywhere from $10 per hour to $50 per hour.

It is made up of 8 sub-sections, and each sub-section treats a particular skill set in detail.

For example, one section will teach you about Data Entry, which is a service that is in high demand in the VA space. Other sections will teach you about administration, email management, scheduling etc. These are all services that are in high demand.

This section like all other sections is very comprehensive.

Section 5: Important General VA Skills

In this section, you will learn some general skills that all Virtual Assistants are expected to have irrespective of the particular service that you offer.

This will include professional internet search system, cloud storage, appointment booking etc.

Section 6: Setting Up Your Business Systems and Tools

Now that you acquired a skill set, in this section, you will begin to setup standard business systems and tools.

You will learn about invoicing, Time management and tracking, CMS, CRM and securing yourself as well as your clients on the internet.

Section 7: Creating Your Business

It is time to create your business.

Here we will guide you on all the important parts of creating your business. Things you will learn here include:

  • Naming your business
  • Website, social media and personal bio
  • Preparing contracts
  • Client assessment
  • Effective international pricing strategies

Section 8: Understanding International Clients

This is where you will enjoy the full benefit of our many years working with Virtual Assistants.

  • You will learn exactly what international clients are looking for
  • What business owners want
  • How to prepare powerful resumes and cover letters that will consistently get good results and ensure you always have consistent monthly clients

Section 9: Building Your Team

One secret of successful Virtual Assistants, is good team work and support. In this section, we shall help you build a solid support structure that will allow your business to grow more rapidly.

Section 10: Living Your Dream Life As a Digital Nomad

As we round off the first part of this program, you will learn how to set realistic goals, in order to create the kind of lifestyle you want, and exactly how to achieve your goals.

You will also learn what it means to be a Digital Nomad, who makes a full income working online as an independent contractor and the advantages of travelling around the world as a Virtual Assistant.


This part is where the tyre hits the road! It is where we guide you to make your dream a reality.

The single purpose of this second part, is that at the end of the 30 day launch plan, you have completely setup your Virtual Assistant business, and acquired your first paying client.

This part is made up of 30 sections, each section to be completed daily.

It is practical in nature, and we will teach you and then require you to perform a specific task for that day.

Some of the sections will include:

  • Creating profiles
  • Targeted marketing.
  • Joining selected Virtual Assistant job forums that will give you instant access to thousands of job listings.
  • Setting up some tools
  • Getting your first client or clients in 7 days
  • Group discussion and coaching
  • Setting up your home office and many other critical steps to establishing your own Virtual Assistant business either as part-time or full-time.

By just looking at the condensed breakdown of this program, you will immediately notice that you will not find any program close to this in Nigeria, nor Africa for that matter.

This is the only comprehensive Virtual Assistant training program in Africa!

We intend to be the major promoters of this industry in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Almost all VA course online, assumes that you already have the core skills you need, but we assume nothing, and teach you everything you need to know from scratch.

And most importantly, this programme is designed in such a way that you will get your first paying client before you complete the programme!

The only similar courses online, are the ones by Gina Horkey, and Amanda Johnson. See screenshot below:

Gina Horkey

Amanda Johnson

Both courses are good, but they do not address the peculiar challenges faced by Nigerians who wish to go into this lucrative industry. Also, they are not really meant for beginners. A complete beginner will still have problems acquiring core VA skills that are in high demand today.

In comparison, our 60-Day Virtual Assistant programme, is a combined effort that comprehensively trains you on every aspect of this industry. Our team been comprised of practicing Filipino VA's and expert digital marketers.

Most importantly, if you register today, you will join this life changing programme, for a fraction of the cost. We run our programme in batches, and this batch will only pay 48,000 for the entire 60-day programme!

Yes you saw right N48,000 only!

Course Fee = N48,000


1. Pay 48,000 online through Paystack link below or pay by transfer to our corporate account. Paystack handles the transaction and is very secure.

If you wish to pay by transfer, here is our corporate account:

Access Bank
Millionaires Academy


2. Immediately after payment, send your name and email as sms to our office number 08130074823.

You will get an sms shortly, acknowledging your successful reservation.

Send in this format “name, email, VA PROMO Ticket reservation” to 08130074823

Example: John Akpan, [email protected], VA VIP Ticket reservation to 08130074823.

3. You will also get an email within 24 hours of registration.

Join 1000 new Nigerian Virtual Assistants in 2020 now... before the deadline! And start living the kind of life you dream of.


Life Stories From Virtual Assistants

Quick Disclaimer:

The clips you are about to watch are of people from diverse backgrounds who decided to become a virtual assistant. They are not our members neither are they talking about our particular course.

However I selected people who took similar programmes to our own, since our 60-day VA programme is the first comprehensive VA program specially for Nigerians.

We have also thoroughly reviewed the courses mentioned, and our own programme is at least 2 times more comprehensive than any other course we have seen.

This is mainly because we have to start from scratch as other similar programmes assume you already have skills (with the exception of dedicated offline programmes in the Philippines and Australia)

So having said this,

Go ahead and enjoy the clips, and be rest assured that you can achieve the same or better result than any of these testimonies you are about to hear.

Nanay From Philippines

Nanay has been a Virtual Assistant for just 5 months, but she is totally loving it. For her, the greatest benefit is that it allows her to live freely, save money and take care of her family. Watch her short story

Rafy Az from Bangladesh

For Mr Rafy, his main challenge was that he wasn’t fluent in English coupled with shyness. So as a Virtual Assistant, he decided to focus on providing Data Entry services, which is one of the easiest jobs you can render, without having to talk to anyone. In our 60-day Virtual Assistant Program, Data Entry is one of the 8 major skills you will master. So enjoy the interesting narration from Mr Rafy below.

From experience, most guys seem to prefer behind the scene VA jobs like data entry, social media management, web management etc.

You will develop these skills in our 60-day Virtual Assistant programme.

On the other hand, ladies excel in customer care and administrative task, of course this does not mean that any particular task is reserved for men or women.

One key thing to know about VA, is that where service is concerned, gender do not come into play.

Just focus on the areas you prefer, but generally, new Virtual Assistants may accept different kinds of jobs, until you discover the area that best suits you.

Mrs Thomas decided to become a Virtual Assistant because she wanted to take better care of her son. Enjoy the short testimony of her first year as a Virtual Assistant

There are literally thousands of people living their dreams as Virtual Assistants and Digital Nomads, but I hope with these few clips, you get the idea of what is possible.

So what are you waiting for? You too can do this!

Take advantage of the pre-launch promo today to get started.

Course Fee = now N48,000


1. Pay 48000 online through Paystack link below or pay by transfer to our corporate account. Paystack handles the transaction and is very secure.

If you wish to pay by transfer, here is our corporate account:

Access Bank
Millionaires Academy


2. Immediately after payment, send your name and email as sms to our office number 08130074823.

You will get an sms shortly, acknowledging your successful reservation.

Send in this format “name, email, VA PROMO Ticket reservation” to 08130074823

Example: John Akpan, [email protected], VA VIP Ticket reservation to 08130074823.

3. You will also get an email within 24 hours of registration.

Join 1000 new Nigerian Virtual Assistants in 2020 now... before the deadline! And start living the kind of life you dream of.


Make sure to checkout the Awesome Bonus Materials below, just for you!

Your Instructor

Team VA
Team VA

This programme is a team effort organized by Engr Emma Okoro, founder of Emcorp group and coordinator of the Millionaires Academy.

Emcorp group founded in 2001 is into ICT, Printing & Publishing, Digital marketing, Real Estate, Agriculture and ICT.

Our achievements have been recognized both locally and internationally.

Team VA is made up of seasoned digital marketers, experienced Virtual Assistants and consultants, including Mr Stephen Iheanacho, Mrs Rosie Chilo, Mrs Getty Chinaza, Mr Harrison Ozoegbe and other consultants. Programme is facilitated by Engr Emma Okoro.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This batch starts from 3rd February 2020 and ends on 3rd April 2020.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Even after the initial 60-day programme is over, you can retake the course at any time.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How much can I earn as a new Virtual Assistant?
New Virtual Assistants can charge $10 per hour or $600 per month. However, an average VA earns anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per month. How much you will earn exactly, will depend on the number of hours you can work daily, and the services you render.
Is this Programme right for me?
Most people can work as a Virtual Assistant because of the flexibility of working on your own terms. Here are some categories of people that will benefit most from this: • An entrepreneur who can create extra time to work as a VA part-time • An employee who can manage to squeeze out at least 1 to 3 hours of time per day to work as a VA part-time. Most employees that start working as VA’s eventually resign from work, especially when their daily or weekly part-time earnings becomes more than their monthly salary. • The Unemployed: If you don’t have a job right now, then what are you waiting for? You will not likely find a new job in Nigeria that will pay you more than what you can earn as a Virtual Assistant. • Stay-at-home mums (and dads!) Virtual Assistant is the perfect job for stay-at-home mums., and lets not forget stay-at-home dads too! • Students: Students make excellent VA’s. It is a very productive way of using their free time since every student can work at least 5 hours a week. So basically, if you invest at least 5 hours a week as a VA, then this programme is right for you. You can do as a part-time hustle or a full-time job.
What is the minimum academic requirement. Do I need to be a graduate?
NO! You do not need any degree to be a VA, business are only interested in services you have to offer, and how dedicated you are in accomplishing goals. If you are afraid your level of education or English, then you should listen to Indian and Filipino VA’s! Have you ever received any such call before? You can barely hear them! Yet they excel in what they do, they don’t mind spelling their words out for you, as long as you eventually understand them.
Can I take the programme on my smartphone or do I need a Laptop?
Yes you can take the course on your smartphone. When you will need a laptop is when you want to actually start working as a Virtual Assistant. Then you can get a cheap fairly used one, as long as it can load common software like Microsoft Office.
Is the 60-day programme online or do I have to come to your office?
You do not need to come to our office. Our method of training is very interactive and comprehensive. Check the introduction video shared earlier in this page about the Millionaires Academy, to see exactly how our courses are done online. By the way: Newsflash…This is the digital age, you must stop thinking analog. Most services, including sensitive ones like banking and shopping are all done safely and conveniently online. And you are learning to be a Virtual Assistant, so if you don’t become used to working online, how will you ever serve your clients online?
Can the training and the actual job be done from anywhere in the world?
Absolutely yes! No one needs to know where you are working from. Digital Nomadism is the most flexible kind of work in the world. For most digital nomads, it is more fun than work!
What if I am not available during the exact 60-day program running from Jan 20 to March 20, will I still follow up with the training?
No worries, you have lifetime access to the programme, and can start and finish at your own convenience.

Join 1000 new Nigerian Virtual Assistants in 2020 now... before the deadline!


If you are joining this batch today, you will get an awesome bonus together with this programme. In fact you will be getting 3 bonus materials that will add massive value to your life !

Here are the 3 bonus materials:

1. Comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to setup international banking and payment system as a Nigerian.

This first bonus material is somewhat directly essential to your work as a Virtual assistant.

You probably know that international payments are still a hassle for Nigerians. This guide will solve that problem for you. It will not only help you as a VA, but you can use the knowledge for many other purposes.

For instance, you can save your money in other stronger currencies, and thus safeguard it against the quick devaluation of the naira.

2. How to set up and manage a foreign company from NIgerian (or anywhere)

The second bonus material is a complete guide on how to setup a foreign corporation while living in Nigeria.

Again, this is very valuable for all Digital Nomads, especially Nigerians.

A foreign corporation makes it much easier for foreign companies to deal with you, and also gives you a greater flexibility on where you wish to settle in life. I will give you more reasons why you need to setup a foreign corporation during the programme.

3. 7 countries to get easy second residency as a Virtual Assistant

This is the third and most powerful bonus material you will be getting with this programme.

Many forward thinking countries all over the world are now competing for digital nomads.

This bonus material will clearly guide you on how to get second residencies in 7 countries that highly appreciate Digital Nomads. The 7 countries you will learn about, have already created special programmes to attract Virtual assistants and digital nomads like you.

You can choose any of these 7 countries for a second residency.

While not everyone will like a second residency, I personally think it is a very wise decision.

A second residency, is a kind of insurance, just in case the worst happens in your country (God forbid).

Apart from this worst case scenario, a second residency gives you more option to explore the world, since the Nigerian passport is very weak and will not allow you to have easy access to so many other countries.

Ok, these are just a tip of the iceberg, you will get the full bonus material during our 60-day VA programme.

So what are you waiting for?

Join 1000 new Nigerian Virtual Assistants in 2020 now... before the deadline! and start living the kind of life you dream of.

Course Fee = now N96000


1. Pay 96,000 online through Paystack link below or pay by transfer to our corporate account. Paystack handles the transaction and is very secure.

If you wish to pay by transfer, here is our corporate account:

Access Bank
Millionaires Academy


2. Immediately after payment, send your name and email as sms to our office number 08130074823.

You will get an sms shortly, acknowledging your successful reservation.

Send in this format “name, email, VA PROMO Ticket reservation” to 08130074823

Example: John Akpan, [email protected], VA VIP Ticket reservation to 08130074823.

3. You will also get an email within 24 hours of registration.

Need more info? Kindly call Mrs Getty on +2348130074823

Course Curriculum

  Virtual Assistant Service 1: Appointment Setting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Setting Appointments
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Live Sample
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Virtual Assistant Service 2 : Data Entry
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Earning Potential & Office Suite - The Foundation of Data Entry
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Important Excel Basics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Data Entry Work Sample
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Virtual Assistant Service 3: Lead Generation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  More Lead Generation Techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Three Simple Virtual Assistant Service (4, 5, & 6 )
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Virtual Assistant Services 7 : Data Scraping
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Virtual Assistant Service 8: Web Research & Data Mining
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Data Entry Exercises
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Your First Job
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll